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Leadership Development

5 Ways to Attract and Retain BIPOC Leaders

  1. Be authentic and transparent about organizational culture. 
    • Offer and require regular diversity, equity, and inclusion training and seminar discussions.
    • Acknowledge where the company is currently, ways you are changing culture, and the vision for inclusivity. 
  1. Build an equitable culture, environment, & community of support.
    • Establish an open-door policy for your leaders that provides an opportunity for real talk about some of the challenges and opportunities they foresee in the organization and how to solve them. 
    • Recognize your BIPOC leaders for the expertise they bring to the table because of their unique experiences.
  1. Create sponsorship accelerator leadership programs for career mobilization. 
    • Work alongside the HR/Talent Development department to create equitable professional evaluations and a process without bias. 
    • Pair BIPOC leaders with mentors and sponsors to assist them with career mapping to prepare for future promotions. 
  1. Establish a fair search process that shares the salary range and benefits.
    • Develop an equitable search process that all segments of the organization utilize and hire a secret shopper to ensure effective execution. 
    • Evaluate job descriptions in comparison to salaries and increase the total benefits package. Provide signing bonuses to candidates upon hiring them. 
  1. Prioritize mental health and emotional well-being for your leaders. 
    • Implement a hybrid working environment for your employees to reduce being in a stressful environment. 
    • Create programs that provide allotted mental health days and free therapy for your leaders. 

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