Case Studies

A Strategic Plan: Increasing Access for Black & Latino Men

Problem: A small nonprofit organization wanted to learn how they can continue to support Black and Latino males and fathers in partnership with community colleges.

Results: Conducted a needs assessment of services which included a survey and focus groups to understand the needs of Black and Latino males and fathers. Delivered a comprehensive report documenting the support needed for Black and Latino males and fathers, strategies on how to partner with community colleges and ways to increase retention.

Communicating Across Cultures: A Deep DIVE into DEI

Problem:  A large public research university wanted to find positive and productive ways to engage in DEI discussions with team members and supervisors.

Results: Our team delivered a virtual interactive 90-minute training for over 130 faculty and staff that resulted in an increase of 150% engagement within their respective departments/programs.

Expanding BIPOC Female Entrepreneurs Reach

Problem: A business center desired to connect BIPOC women entrepreneurs with access to high level influencers to elevate their businesses through diversification, providing technical support, networking and creative problem-solving to alleviate some of the barriers they face as entrepreneurs. The center needed a 6-week curriculum designed and facilitated in two modalities, in person and hybrid.

Results: Our team partnered with another company to create the 6-week curriculum for the program that included a syllabus, assignments, activities, and a rubric to measure learning outcomes. In addition, we taught up to 40 participants, developed the recruitment materials, coordinated a networking session with BIPOC female entrepreneurs and influencers to give them access to resources for their business. 

Innovative Design to Support Faculty and Student Learning

Problem: A large publishing company was in the process of releasing a second edition women’s studies textbook and desired a revision of auxiliary materials to aid in student learning and instructor facilitation.

Results: We conducted research and redesigned their test bank, instructor manual, PowerPoint slides and provided additional resources for the instructors to use as a supplement in the classroom.

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